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29 CFR 1904.7 recordkeeping, general recording criteria. 29 CFR 1904.39 recordkeeping, reporting fatalities, hospitalizations, amputations, and losses of an eye as a result of work-related incidents to OSHA. Maritime, Shipyard Employment. 29 CFR 1915.159 personal fall arrest systems PFAS. 29 CFR 1915.160 positioning device systems. Other Applicable Standards. The Which OSHA Standards Apply webpage can also help identify other standards that may be applicable to your worksite. Where can I learn more? Standards Notice SN 65 discusses the conditions in which the use of warning lines on low-slope roofs qualifies as fall protection. SN 74 addresses fall protection requirements when employees are engaged in the installation of dry laid masonry retaining walls. Standards directive STD 03-11-002 addresses fall protection requirements when employees are engaged in residential construction. NCDOL Investigates: Fall From Ladder provides an overview of the investigation process used for falls from ladders. NCDOL Investigates: Fall From Roof provides an overview of the investigation process associated with falls from roofs. Industry Guide 48 OSHA Construction Industry Standards Requiring Programs, Inspections, Procedures, Records and/or Training provides requirements for standards related to falls in construction.
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OSHA 510 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Construction Industry. OSHA 511 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry. OSHA 521 OSHA Guide to Industrial Hygiene. OSHA 2015 Hazardous Materials. OSHA 2045 Machinery and Machine Guarding Standards. OSHA 2055 Cranes in Construction. OSHA 2225 Respiratory Protection. OSHA 2255 Principles of Ergonomics. OSHA 2264 Permit-Required Confined Space Entry. OSHA 3015 Excavation, Trenching, and Soil Mechanics. OSHA 3085 Principles of Scaffolding. OSHA 3095 Electrical Standards. OSHA 3115 Fall Protection. OSHA 5810 Hazard Recognition and Standards for On-Shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production. OSHA 6005 Collateral Duty Course for Other Federal Agencies. OSHA 7000 OSHA Training Guidelines for Safe Patient Handling. OSHA 7005 Public Warehousing and Storage. OSHA 7100 Introduction to Machinery and Machine Safeguarding. OSHA 7105 Evacuation and Emergency Planning. OSHA 7110 Safe Bolting: Principles and Practices. OSHA 7115 Lockout / Tagout. OSHA 7200 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control for Healthcare Facilities. OSHA 7205 Health Hazard Awareness. OSHA 7210 Pandemic Influenza Workplace Preparedness. OSHA 7215 Silica in Construction, Maritime, and General Industries. OSHA 7300 Understanding OSHA's' Permit-Required Confined Space Standard.
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On November 18, 2016, the Occupational Safety Health Administration OSHA issued its 513-page final rule modifying its requirements for walking-working surfaces WWS, fall prevention in general industry, and the use of personal fall protection systems, 29 CFR Part 1910, Subparts D and I.
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314 492-4422 Gorbel Tether Track Rigid Lifelines. Engineered Horizontal Lifelines. Temporary Horizontal Lifelines. Confined Space Rescue Equipment. Vertical Lifeline Systems. Self Retracting Lifelines. Heavy Duty Industrial Guardrail. Industrial Safety Handrail. Railcar Loading Platforms. Truck Loading Platforms. Roof Safety Anchors. Roof Anchor Posts. Roof Fall Protection Kits. Roof Ladder Systems. Counterweight Anchor System. Reusable Roof Anchors. Steel Beam Anchors. Vacuum Anchor Systems. Portable Fall Protection. Ranger Fall Arrest System. Malta Dynamics XSERIES Grabber. Frame Style Systems. Counterweight Jib Anchors. Portable Fall Protection Platform. Confined Space Rescue Equipment. Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. Fall Protection Installation. Fall Protection Site Assessment. Fall Protection Training. Fall Protection Case Studies. Fall Protection Videos. Ergonomic Lifting Solutions. Fall Protection Equipment Inspection. OSHA Certifications For Your Fall Arrest Gear.
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OSHA's' Silica in Construction for Employers or Competent Persons Training Course 1301. Meets the requirements for employers, supervisors and competent persons in OSHAs new Silica in Construction standard found in 29 CFR 1926.1153. OSHA Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training for Supervisors 35. Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Training 2-hour. Our Sexual Harassment and Discrimination course is designed to provide a comprehensive explanation of what sexual harassment is, how it can occur in the workplace and how management can maintain a harassment-free workplace. It is required for all supervisors who work for a company with 5 or more employees. OSHA Fall Protection Training Course 25. OSHA Fall Protection Training Course. This course covers fall hazards in construction and other tasks performed above ground, as well as more caution when performing such jobs, and better use of personal fall arrest systems. This course will meet the requirements of title 29 Code of Federal Regulations CFR Subpart M and all other applicable standards.
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Previously, OSHA stated no safe distance when it came to working on an unprotected roof edge. However, under the new rule, if the distance is less than 6 feet from the roof edge, conventional fall protection systems are required. This includes guardrail systems, personal fall arrest systems, and safety nets. Installing Dakota Safetys non-penetrating fall protection guardrails for work areas that are within a 15-foot distance would ensure there are no ambiguities on whether fall protection requirements are being met for those areas. If the distance is between 6 to 15 feet, you need to have a designated area for temporary work and a warning line placed at 6 feet. For tasks completed at a distance higher than 15 feet, if the work is infrequent and temporary, no additional fall protection is required. Stairways, Ladders, and Guardrails. Did you know that falls from ladders account for 20 percent of all general industry workplace injuries and fatalities? The new general industry regulations for guardrails, ladders, and stairways now are aligned with those in the construction industry.
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OSHA has established an extensive set of laws regarding fall protection. All of Peak Fall Protections products are built to meet the OSHA requirements and regulations to ensure employee safety. In the construction industry in the U.S, falls are the leading cause of worker fatalities. Each year, on average, between 150 and 200 workers are killed and more than 100000, are injured as a result of falls at construction sites. OSHA recognizes that accidents involving falls are generally complex events frequently involving a variety of factors. Consequently, the standard for fall protection deals with both the human and equipment-related issues in protecting workers from fall hazards. For example, employers and employees need to do the following.: Where protection is required, select fall protection systems appropriate for given situations. Use proper construction and installation of safety systems. Supervise employees properly. Use safe work procedures. Train workers in the proper selection, use and maintenance of all protection systems. The following are two OSHA standards, OSHA 1920 General Industry and OSHA 1926 Construction Industry, which address fall protection.
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OSHA 3115: Fall Protection. OSHA 3115: Fall Protection. Understand how to safeguard your workers from falls. In addition to learning about state-of-the-art technology and OSHA requirements for fall protection, youll study and take part in a one-day field exercise demonstrating the principles of fall protection along with the ins and outs of fall arrest systems.

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