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LJB Fall Protection Training 2018 Competent Person Online Registration by Cvent.
The goal of LJBs competent person training is to provide participants with the knowledge to solve fall protection issues before they arise. Attendees will acquire the tools required to become certified OSHA competent persons and the skills to develop and implement a comprehensive, cost effective and attainable fall hazard control system. The course provides interactive instruction, multimedia resources and knowledge checks that have been developed to train attendees to the competent person level. Who should attend? This program is designed for safety personnel, operation managers, engineers, supervisors, superintendents and other selected company personnel whose work involves the need to address fall protection issues, train authorized persons, inspect equipment components and/or who are responsible for the supervision of employees working at heights. Train personnel to the level of ANSI Z359.2-2007 competent persons related to fall protection system use, including the following.: Fall protection overview, regulations and standards, including training requirements. Fall hazard surveys i.e, job safety analysis and procedures. Walking/working surfaces, ladders, roofs, aerial lifts, scaffolds.
OSHA 3115 Fall Protection Chesapeake Region Safety Council.
OSHA 3115 and the FALL PROTECTION TRAIN-THE-TRAINER Courses Combined Presented by the Chesapeake Region Safety Council, meet the Competent Person CP 24 hour training requirement in Section 21.C.04 of the new EM 385-1-1 USACE Safety and Health Requirements Manual. Note that the OSHA 3115 3 day course and Fall Protection Train the Trainer course 1 day are independent and must be registered for separately.
Fall Protection Competent Person AGC.
OSHA rules require, when applied to fall protection systems, the competent person must have training in, and be knowledgeable about, the use, maintenance, and inspection of protective systems and the requirements of the standard. In addition, the competent person must have the authority to take immediate action if a hazard exists.
Now Available! Online Competent Person Training!
Designed by PSG Fall Protection experts, our online Competent Person class gives you the knowledge you need to take jobsite safety to the next level. Through the use of presentations, videos, and regular knowledge checks, our online Competent Person training builds your knowledge by addressing OSHA and ANSI regulations, equipment selection and use, hazard identification, inspection, and fall protection planning.
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Online OSHA Training. Certified Occupational Safety Specialist COSS. Custom Course Development. Learning Management System. Online Video Library. Become a Member. Member Administrator Training. Members in the News. At Great Lakes Safety Training Center, our training is delivered using the latest technology, experienced instructors and small class sizes to provide an effective learning experience. Training classes are offered at our Midland location, but can also be held at your facility upon request. Aerial Lift/Elevated Work Platform. American Red Cross Adult CPR/First Aid/AED. Certificate for Occupational Safety Managers COSM. Certified Occupational Safety Specialist COSS. Competent Person Fall Protection.
Construction Employers: Do You Have a Silica-Competent Person? EHS Today. Facebook icon. Twitter icon. LinkedIn icon. Facebook icon. Twitter icon. LinkedIn icon.
This is the role of the silica-competent person. The American Industrial Hygiene Association AIHA has released the white paper, Recommended Skills and Capabilities for Silica Competent Persons, http// which represents a common, minimum body of knowledge needed by a competent person to provide meaningful worker protection from silica. The document was prepared by the AIHA Construction Committee Silica Competent Person Project Team. The hazards of excessive exposure to crystalline silica have been known since ancient times, going back to the construction of the pyramids. However, despite more than 2000, years of knowledge that silica is a hazard, data from the National Occupational Respiratory Mortality System indicates that between 1990 and 1999 there were still 118 reported silica-related deaths in the construction industry. The construction industry is dominated by small and medium-sized employers. Over 80 percent of construction establishments have 10 or fewer employees, according to The Construction Chart Book, published by the Center for Construction Research and Training. Many small and medium-sized employers do not have safety or industrial hygiene staff. An approach used by OSHA and ANSI for construction regulations and guidance is to specify that an employer designate a competent person for hazards involving medium to high complexity.
Competent Fall Protection Person Training Gravitec Systems Inc.
In any case, each student must be given enough time to learn how to use each piece of equipment and understand the skills presented. Any online, correspondence, or CBT training is ineffective if the Competent Person is expected to use fall protection equipment. Each student also must have an opportunity to demonstrate how to use the equipment properly under the supervision of a qualified instructor and time to ask questions or practice these skills. There is no easy way around this; it just takes time. A 40-hour, instructor-lead program is the industry norm for Competent Person training when the Competent Person is expected to use a variety of fall protection systems, evaluate hazards, write procedures, and supervise others. DOES YOUR TRAINING PROGRAM PROTECT THE STUDENT? Obviously, training at heights, whether fall protection or rescue, needs to be conducted safely. The level of protection provided for students during training must be more than the minimum required by OSHA.
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Many people believe that to become a competent" person" they have to complete a specific course or certification. While training is part of what makes a competent person, it is not just the result of completing a course. Definition of a Competent Person. An OSHA competent" person" is defined as one" who is capable of identifying existing and predictable hazards in the surroundings or working conditions which are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to employees, and who has authorization to take prompt corrective measures to eliminate them" This comes from regulation 29 CFR 1926.32f.

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